Electri-Com can provide you with solar solutions that will offset your monthly electric bill and save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Let us show you how you can benefit from going solar with a free solar analysis and estimate. We only install high quality solar panels and inverters. All work is 100% Guaranteed for 10 years. We also provide 100% zero down financing for qualified home owners. Don't settle for a lease when you can own for roughly the same as your paying for a monthly electric bill and in some cases even less. We will handle everything including all necessary permits, rebate, and utility applications. Ask about our special in house rebate by mentioning this website in addition to any government rebate you may already be entitled to.

Another advantage of going solar is we can design a backup system to compliment your new or existing solar installation. Have you ever thought about what happens when there is a power interruption. The answer is simple, your solar system shuts down due to required safety features built in to the inverters. For about the same cost of a backup generator we can design and install a backup system to go with your new solar installation. We also can provide the same backup system for existing solar systems as well. Don't wait until the next emergency or major power outage.


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